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Site Credits

This site was created in spring 2022 as part of student internships supported by IC Nature Rx, the Department of Writing, and the Department of Environmental Studies.

Edie McRoberts ('22, Documentary Studies and Production, Outdoor Adventure Leadership) and Matt Vosler (Chair, Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies) began working on a Nature Rx program at IC in 2019. Their research and planning laid the groundwork for the current iteration of IC Nature Rx. Ellie Swanson ('23, Clinical Health Studies) also worked with Matt, completing an independent study about the impact of Nature Rx programs on student wellness. Edie and Ellie both contributed research to this site and helped establish how IC Nature Rx would operate—sharing their experience with other nature-focused groups at IC.

Maddy Martin ('22, Writing) and Matthew Gardener ('23, Writing) worked with Eleanor Henderson (Chair, Department of Writing) to write and design this site, as well as complete other promotional materials for the organization. Maddy wrote most of this site's content. Matthew built the site using a Wix template originally set up by Edie.

This work would not have been possible without the support of the IC Nature Rx subcommittee, including chairs Jake Brenner and Jess Hoff, student mentors Eleanor Henderson and Matt Vosler, along with members Kaiden Girouard, Michelle Goode, Jason Hamilton, Pat Lewis, Brian Petersen.

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