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Get Outside!

Ithaca College's campus houses many natural areas to explore and relax. Check out each location below.

Dillingham Fountains


Permaculture Garden

Williams Hall

Campus Lawns

Quads, Terraces, Circles

IC Natural Lands (West)

Rt 96 near Longview

Chapel Pond

Muller Chapel

IC Natural Lands (East)

Boothroyd, Terraces

Outdoor Practice

Practices are small activities you can do outside to center yourself, shake some stress off, and spend some time in a green space. The word practice itself has two definitions: the use of a belief or method and the habitual or expected process of doing something. These outdoor practices are designed to guide you through different methods of relaxation in hopes that using the outdoors as a place to relieve stress will become a habit.

Our practices are short tasks for you to do outside that will reduce stress and leave you feeling restored. They include writing prompts, drawing prompts, and meditation ideas. 

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Off-campus sites

IC's natural spaces not enough? Try these instead.

Cornell Nature Rx

The original Nature Rx program. Learn about trails near the Cornell campus.

Out on the Trails: Ithaca and Tompkins County

Find hiking spots for your next outdoor adventure however you prefer to experience nature. Search by location, trail difficulty, or activities—including hiking, horseback riding, or birdwatching.

TCAT to Trails

Directions to natural parks and trails around Ithaca using the TCAT bus system.

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