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Campus Lawns

Listening and exploring campus spaces.

Campus Lawns

Find a comfortable patch of grass, where you aren't at risk of being hit by a frisbee or ball, and sit down. Feel the grass underneath you and listen to all the sounds around you. Start writing down a list of everything you hear. Try to describe the sounds of any machinery you hear nearby and any sounds the wind makes. Record the snippets of conversations you hear from other students as they pass you. After you have a decently long list or have written down everything you hear, pick a few of them and turn them into a scene.

Became a flaneur of Ithaca College. Flaneur, from French, refers to a stroller or someone who walks around urban spaces without a particular purpose or destination in mind. Most flaneurs were wealthy people who had the time to wonder and passively observe the lives of those around them. Wander around campus and take time to look and watch everything. Pay attention to the activities of other students and observe the strange architectural decisions of Ithaca College. What do you notice that you usually don’t?

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