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Chapel Pond

Observation and spiritual rest.

Chapel Pond

Walk around Chapel Pond at your own pace and let your attention be drawn by anything you see. Pay attention to your thoughts as they come in and out of your mind. If any stressful thoughts are preventing you from relaxing, pause for a moment and look into the water. Look at the water and think about nothing but what you are seeing. When your thoughts are free, continue walking.

Find a comfortable place to sit around the pond and spend a few minutes paying attention to what is happening around you. What are you seeing? What are you smelling? What are you feeling? What are you thinking? Then write down your thoughts. Stop when you can think of nothing else to write.

Find a comfortable place to sit around the pond and look out on the water. Imagine you are a goose and think about what your life would be like living at this pond. Your life as a goose can be as absurd or realistic as you want. Follow your daydreaming wherever it takes you. Write down your daydream or draw your goose self if you would like to.

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