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Additional Resources

At NatureRx, we recognize that time in nature can help with your overall well being, but is not an all encompassing solution. If you are struggling with mental health, please seek professional resources, including the ones listed below.


For emergencies, please call Ithaca College Public Safety: (607)274-3333.

Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Call: 607-274-3177 (option 2)

This includes the 24/7 talk line.

ICare Referral Form (Office of Case Management)

If you are concerned about a friend, classmate, or would like help finding resources for yourself, submit an ICare Referral Form.

Center for IDEAS

The Center for Inclusion Diversity Equity and Social Change is a confidential resource that provides support, programming, and services around DEI efforts on campus, with the goal to empower marginalized students.

Hammond Health Center

The Hammond Health Center can assist with medical concerns and may be able to refer you to other services, including CAPS.

Call:  607-274-3177

The Advocacy Center

The Advocacy Center is an off-campus resource which helps survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Their hotline can be anonymous and can help you discover your options and resources in your community.

Hotline: (607)277-5000

National Suicide Prevention Line


Beginning July 16, 2022: Call 988

LGBT Center

The LGBT Center is a confidential resource on campus to assist students within the LGBTQ+ community.

Located in the basement level of the Hammond Health Center

Office of Religious and Spiritual Life

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life is a confidential resource to people of all faiths, religious, or secular worldviews.

Title IX

For resources related to sexual harassment, assault, or misconduct, the TITLE IX office is a resource.

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